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Propose new topics to be discussed in this new section.


1.HOW TO SELECT THE SUITABLE LAND ?  10 practical and important tips before buying land. 


two.SELECTION OF IDEAL ARCHITECT?Planning (architectural design), Work (construction). 




Four.Do I design my house according to the profession or work what do I have? 




6.MAINTAINING IS WINNING Convenience of owning a home.





8.FINISH MY HOUSE AND NOW? What should I do to keep my house always new and current (Maintenance and remodeling).


9. ECOLOGICAL HOUSE? How can we contribute to having a cleaner planet, is it expensive? how can I do it?.


10. FENG SHUI? It is true that the orientations, the location of the doors, the roofs and the gardens are in harmony with the environment and people.


11. WHAT IS A SMART HOME? Learn about the most recent applications of science for your home.


12. REMODELING OR BUYING A HOUSE?  Myths and truths about this topic.


13. Credits to remodel your house Report from El Universal recommending our company


Propose new topics to be discussed in this section.



 10 practical and important tips before buying land.

There are several considerations that we have to make prior to the purchase of land.

1. Options

2. Location

3. Services

4. Space needs

5. Orientation

6. Topography


8. Regulation

9. Price

10. Writing


1. Options: It is important to have 2 or 3 options of land to buy, since it is common for the option    desiccated on occasions cannot be specified.


2. Location: Looking for our land means giving important time, possibly on our weekends and together with the family, we can get good options  between classifieds and direct treatment , this information obtained from the newspaper, the Internet (some portals such as Terra) or search within the neighborhood, subdivision that we are interested in living. 

If it is within a subdivision, we must decide if it will be located at the beginning, middle or end of it, on the corner or in the middle, since the price of the land will be based on this.


3. Services: Do the options to buy have all the services? (water, electricity, drainage, telephone, pavement, surveillance, cable television, etc.) Sometimes when we see subdivisions in development we find that these services are just being built and we can find good options  PRE-SALE, but we must verify that they are going to FINISH them and one way to do it is to know more about the Real Estate company (know their offices, previous developments) and it would not be bad to ask PROFECO (Federal Consumer Protection Agency).


4. Space needs: The dimensions of our land allow us to think about the size of what my house will be, what dimensions of garden I can plan.


5. Orientation: Of course there are ideal orientations, but this will depend on the geographical location, for example, NORTH would be an excellent location for bedrooms in the _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b area -136bad5cf58d_state of Veracruz and also ideal for a study or kitchen in the Federal District.


6. Topography: We can select a flat piece of land or one with many topographic accidents, but we must consider in the latter an increase in the construction price due to the adaptation of the house to the topography, although it is possibly worth the pity for the nice views of the place.


7. Views: Logically, seeing the horrible neighbor's house in addition to the clotheslines next to it does not cause pleasant sensations, so we must give great importance to this aspect, since it is the environment where they will live and your children will develop.


8. Regulation: We can have various types of regulations 

A. The Municipality, Delegation or State and that of the Subdivision: It will indicate if our land is single-family housing, if businesses are allowed (Land Use), maximum number of floors to be built, etc.

B. Fraccionamiento: Type of materials to be used, sloping roofs, certain architectural style, leaving a certain amount of garden areas in a certain place on the land (front, sides) etc._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_


9. Price: Seeing how much prices are in the area of similar land gives us an idea if the price is fair and gives us the alternative of presenting an economic purchase proposal to the seller.


10. Deed: Make a Purchase Agreement with a small advance (as a commitment to purchase) and check the situation with copies of the deed in the Public Property Registry requesting a Certificate of Lien Release legal of the land and all this done in a NOTARY  of your trust. (NEVER IN THE REAL ESTATE NOR IN ANY OTHER PLACE).


The above is the basics so that you do not have headaches when buying your land, if you want us to support you in the decision and purchase of your land, do not hesitate to contact us.


Arch. Fco. Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta



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1_Selecciónar terreno adecuado?


Selection of the Ideal Architect.


How to make the best decision to whom we will entrust the design and construction of our house, let us remember that the economic resources that we will use in this decision have been the effort of several years and that many times we deprive ourselves of buying a new car and other things to start our construction.


Many times we meet a friend or family member or some person that we see anywhere offering their services as an architect, but we really have to ask ourselves several questions before deciding to work with him:

Will you have the experience and knowledge to trust you with my house and all my savings? Have you built houses? , Do I know them?,  Do I like them? How much does the design cost? How and how much do you charge for construction? Do you have a contract that specifies materials to use, delivery times, etc.?  What extra charges can I have? during the course of my work? What guarantees do you give me at the end of the construction? Can you offer me a preventive maintenance service for my already built house?


Our profession, like many others, is based mainly on trust and this is earned from the first interviews, since a professional must explain their professional services to us clearly and in a simple way.


Throughout our professional life we have seen many clients, who come to us after an anguished pilgrimage with several architects, at this moment I remember some that after contracting the design of their house,   brings them round and round and what a design would develop in 1.5 to 2 months takes more than 6 months which causes dissatisfaction and loss of confidence, the same with another classic example, the price they gave me to build my house it was modified because now we have several EXTRAS that were not considered in the Contract (which obviously sacrifice our already scarce resources and that on many occasions do not allow us finish our house), damn I said contract, there are many architects who don't even know them and only give a budget with the total price but we don't know what is included there and what isn't (what ue cause los EXTRAS), and what happens with the delivery date, they told us   that they finished the house in December and now the month of May is almost over, but I think ( I hope) that now if they finish, they finally gave me my house, but after a week we realize that the water does not come out, some lights do not turn on and the rain gets into various parts of my house, do I talk to the professional? for repair, but it turns out that this repair has a small extra charge and what happened .................. There is no guarantee.


What is described above is for the purpose of taking   the necessary precautions before deciding which professional I should work with, what I should ask and what risks I may have.


Arch. Fco. Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta


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2_Seleccion Arq_Ideal




Some tips that we can use to specify what we are going to design could be magazines, photographs, architecture books, etc. to get an idea of the style of the house, type of materials, textures, colors, lighting, etc. and that it would be worth showing them to me when we meet in the office, we can also show you our construction catalogs HERE   and HERE some details that will complement and enrich the design of your house.


We agree that the objective is to have our house, but to do so we must take into account that the construction is divided into 2 parts: PLANNING   AND   WORK _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ which we will try to briefly explain.



1. PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT: If I have land, I must consider for its design, whether it is flat or uneven, its orientation, boundaries, pleasant and unusable views, roads, services (water, drainage, electricity, etc.) 

2. ESPACIOS: These are the needs or requirements of the family that we will translate into places to live (living room, kitchen, main bedroom, games room, etc.)

3. ECONOMIC: Corresponds to the economic possibilities available to carry out its construction.

4. ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT: A design is made that meets the previous points (1, 2, 3) 

5. EXECUTIVE PROJECT: The necessary plans are designed for the execution of the work, Architectural (plants, sections, facades), Electricity (switches, contacts, alarms, telephone, TV. ), Plumbing ( hot and cold water and drainage), Structural (foundation, reinforced slabs, columns, beams, etc.). In addition, we give you the virtual model so that you can go through it with your computer and enjoy it from all possible angles and views, whenever you want.

6. WORK BUDGET: Delivered together with the final project.



1.0 WORK CONTRACT: Among the aspects that we mainly observe are:

1.1 Delivery time

1.2 Materials to use.

1.3 Work program and payments. Remember that you can see the development of the construction of your house giving continuous monitoring of your work from the comfort of your office, home, etc.

1.4 Delivery finished work. You can also see the development of the finishes in your home   giving continuous monitoring of your work from the comfort of your office, home, etc. and achieving a very important communication between the client and the architect.


2.0 Extra payments to consider:

2.1 Fences, canopies.

2.2 Alignment and Official No. (in Mexico City)

2.3 Manifestation type (A) of Construction and DGCOH (in the Federal District on surfaces up to 200 m2.)

2.4 Workers union (in the DF and province).

2.5 Social Security Workers (in the DF and province).

2.6 Surveyor (if required)


Of course, when one sees all the procedures and extra expenses that have to be done, we get scared but really the total price including the additional construction payments goes in proportion to the large or small construction area that we are going to carry out. This is another reason to hire us because prior to the construction and project we give you an approximate cost and you will not have unexpected and additional payments to your budget due to lack of professional planning.


When we finish your house we must not forget that your  mantenimiento will make it always look like new, let us remember that our car must be serviced from time to time, washed, painted to be able to enjoy it without problems of faults and that tomorrow, if required, we can have a good resale price, the same thing happens with our house.


We are offering Standard Projects (designs that we have already built and tested that handle the necessary project quality for your family) that contain the necessary plans to carry out your construction, at a good price IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A FREE VIRTUAL MODEL .. 


Now, if you don't have land and you are looking for a house in which all the previous points have been taken into account and that is ready to live in immediately or if it is not urgent to move and you want to take advantage of a good pre-sale discount on our new set of four houses on Ave. México Xochimilco  here .


Arch. Fco. Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta


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3_Tomar en cuenta antes construir


Do I design my house according to the profession or job I have?


Do I design my house according to the profession or job I have?

Do you have themes of the type of house that would go well according to the professions of the people... for example, I am a journalist and I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, My husband is a doctor. We both want the house of our dreams and that suits both of us... Can you help us? Judith Leclerc 


What you ask me is very important because the house must reflect tastes, space needs, etc. and even the profession that they develop, for example, given that they are journalists, for me the development of a library or studio where they can develop their work is very significant, how broad? (It would depend on the time you dedicate to your work at home and in the office) in addition to the bookcases for consulting information, Internet connections, etc. Do you like vegetation, light, conviviality? your house should reflect it, the idea is that when you are in a personalized house you feel like a fish in water, everything in the place you expect, as you want, we are a means to understand what you want and transform it into your home.


Before starting to design your house, in the preliminary interview, we ask to know what you work on and your particular tastes (hobbies), space needs, for example, a dining room for 6,8,10 or 12 people, this would be square, rectangular, oval, circular. etc. your answer gives us how small or large and the shape and characteristics of your dining room. 


That is why it is not convenient to buy a house plan X or Y or copy it from a magazine, because they are defined for people who possibly share SOME  of your tastes but the house will not have the personality and authenticity of your doctor husband and you journalist.


I hope the above is helpful and helps you make a decision. You can consult me whenever you like and in case you decide to work with us we will send you the interview by mail and the price of the design according to what you require.


Arch. Fco. Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta


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4_Diseño casa de acuerdo profesión




sick buildings


Itching and sneezing from Monday to Friday 


The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined as Sick Building Syndrome (in English ''Silk Buildings Syndrome'' or SEE in the form of acronyms), the set of discomforts and diseases caused by poor ventilation, temperature decompensation , ionic (electrical) and electromagnetic charges, suspended particles, gases and vapors of chemical origin and bioaerosols, among other identified agents. 


The WHO considers a building to be sick if at least 20 per cent of its occupants suffer from discomfort due to poor air quality and those affected show symptoms such as stress, depression, erythema (redness or spots on the skin), headaches, problems respiratory problems, throat inflammation or eye irritation, caused by various factors related to the state and conditions of the office or building in which they carry out part of their activity. 


Discovered in the 1970s when offices began to close, sick building syndrome has become so widespread that virtually no one is safe from it anymore. 


Nasal congestion, throat discomfort, headache and muscle pain, feeling of irritation. It is not the enumeration of symptoms with which the advertising of a new cold or flu drug usually begins, but some of the effects of "Sick Building Syndrome", that set of disorders due to the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, aa the lack of air and the emanations of the materials of many constructions erected from the 1960s and 1970s. 


Low quality construction 


And what is called a sick building? The WHO has identified a series of characteristics common to these types of places: they often have forced air ventilation systems; its construction is usually of low quality, its interior surfaces (floors and walls) are covered with textile materials; They usually have a homogeneous and warm thermal environment, and as if that were not enough, the windows cannot be opened. 


Thus, the type of ailments that these environmental situations produce and stimulate, and the lack of regeneration of the atmosphere in buildings, is very varied and also includes everything from nausea, dizziness and persistent colds, to irritations of the respiratory tract and infections, with a significant presence of allergic diseases 


The most common allergic symptoms detected, apart from asthma, are rhinitis, dermatitis and pneumonitis (inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, epidermal tissues and the respiratory tract). 


Buildings of the 60 


Various studies carried out throughout the world indicate that between 20 and 30 percent of buildings affected by this syndrome; one in three buildings built between 1965 and 1975 is "sick". 


The ills of these spaces conceived as airtight containers, with many plastics in the furniture and air conditioning ducts - cold in summer, heating in winter - are today the order of the day and specialists are forced to treat increasingly rare conditions. First, those affected seem to have the flu or a cold and then, by dint of dealing with similar cases, they begin to relate the health problems of the employees to each other. 


Reality shows that it is difficult to perform and work comfortably in this environment, but what is even more serious is that it seems difficult to find a solution for such a widespread situation. Occupational safety experts are increasingly accustomed to cases and consultations that many years ago would have seemed like maniacs, imaginary patients or workers accustomed to making excuses for not complying. Much more when the offices seem to be equipped with all the advances. Now, instead, they advise changing places in the office if possible or, the most radical, changing jobs. But, of course, as everyone can imagine, those are big words. 


Ricardo Goncebat Madrid

Source: DEIA


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5_Cosas a saber antes de construir o remodelar




If you have or plan to buy real estate, be it a house, apartment, office or other, it is necessary to keep in mind keeping your property in optimal conditions.

Inflation and time will make up for it with a profit. Investing in properties and keeping them are just as important.

At the moment in which a person or family acquires a property, it is important to verify that the conditions of the property are in accordance with the provisions of the respective contract of sale or before the corresponding public deed.

In the case of new properties, it is common to request a guarantee on the finishes, both interior and exterior, as well as in pre-owned properties. Verify that the pipes, electrical and hydraulic installation, among others, work. The foregoing is vital to consider the price of acquisition or repair of a property.

Advantages of a property

Now, as owners of the property, it is the responsibility of each owner to maintain it in optimal conditions, which will result in maintaining or exceeding the purchase value at which it was acquired. That is, they will give your property a surplus value.

Acquiring a house or office has the advantage of independence, in the sense that each owner can choose the color, design, distribution and finishes, both interior and exterior. Autonomy and privacy are the great advantage of being the sole owner of a property that is located on a single-family plot.

On the other hand, acquiring a house within a horizontal condominium, an apartment within a vertical complex or an office within a corporate building, can translate into money savings, due to the apportionment of costs and/or benefits, as well as of common decisions. In addition to the above, there are two types of properties: exclusive and common.

individual responsibility

Exclusive property or private area: it must be perfectly described in the condominium regime's constitutive deed, indicating its number, location, surface, etc. That is, the part in which, regardless of whether or not you have neighbors, you can do the work and repairs that each person wants, without the need to consult anything or anyone.

Common property: means the land, foundations, basements, facade, social and sports areas. In the specific case of adjoining condominiums, the floor, ceiling and dividing walls are common property only between them. Making changes in these areas must be by consensus and majority will. Such decisions are commonly made by a management committee or by the manager in charge.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that there are advantages in having neighbors in a condominium that benefits us in a lower prorated cost (as long as each one pays their maintenance fee). However, it must be clear that a property must be maintained day by day, so it is the responsibility of each person to take care of their assets. It is not easy to be able to acquire a property, but it is easy to maintain it and monitor its good condition.

Keeping real estate in good condition will result in an increase in its value, therefore, an increase in family or business assets.


Source (NEWS)


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6_Mantener es ganar

Investment Alternatives


Acquiring land, an apartment or a house is a relevant transaction, however, it has to coincide with the possibilities of each person, so a thorough analysis is necessary. 

Today there are various possibilities of real estate investment, where you can take advantage of acquiring a property in installments, as well as obtaining benefits from the capital gain. 

Exploring various investment possibilities before making it is one of the several steps that have to be analyzed before making the decision. Family wealth is largely made up of real estate investments made over the course of a lifetime. Investment or sacrifice? Paying in cash, in installments or with the help of a bank loan, are the schemes used by buyers to buy their home and in the future be able to acquire a second property as an investment, highlighting that the investment to be made can mean a sacrifice, but that it is well worth doing and with the passage of time it will show that it was an excellent option. Acquiring land, an apartment or a house is a relevant transaction, however, it has to coincide with the possibilities of each person, so it is necessary to make a thorough analysis of the possibilities and family budgets before starting to analyze the options of In the market, one of the niches that has gained importance in the added value benefits that are acquired over time are the rural subdivisions that are outside the Federal District and the metropolitan area. 

There are subdivisions that allow the payment of a lot up to 60 monthly payments, which allows not to decapitalize immediately and increase the equity in a representative manner. A financial possibility For several years now, it is increasingly difficult to live in Mexico City; violence, pollution, water scarcity, traffic, etc., oppress the quality of life of its inhabitants, who, when they have the financial possibility, seek to acquire properties where they can "refuge" on weekends and vacation periods, in order to to de-stress and rest together with the family. This allows an interesting market niche, which demands country subdivisions in safe places, with good services and a homogeneous level of coexistence, with recreational centers that offer healthy recreation and family life. Real estate fashion. 

In the United States, Canada and several European countries, the so-called "Suburbs" have become fashionable, which are small housing centers, relatively close to large cities, but with a high quality of services, security, ecological balance, contact with nature, abundance of drinking water, zero pollution, comfortable access roads, to name a few; where the inhabitants of the big cities spend their vacation periods and weekends, living in a superior way and with higher quality than they do in the cities where they live and work. Areas full of benefits Another of the qualities of this type of investment are the benefits that can be enjoyed, by which I mean the common areas that the country subdivisions have: restaurant, family reading and rest areas, billiards room, ping-pong. pong, green areas, board games, pool, gym, SPA for men, spa for women, children's games, events and conventions hall, tennis courts, stables, horses for rent and camping area among others. There are alternatives. 


Take the time to analyze the different alternatives available in the market, and what better than enjoying your investment. Increase your wealth; Investing in real estate is a well-founded investment. 


Source (NEWS)


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7_Alternativas de inversión
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