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Creativity, like knowledge, must be cultivated at all times. I design innovative spaces, our office being a design and innovation laboratory, Creation Space 


Monte D Oiro Hotel 2021 Portugal


Prieto Architects Workshop

skykraper hongkong


Made with the collaboration of students from the University of the Valley of Mexico Tlalpan

 Arch. Marco Cuellar

  Arch. Jessica García

 Bio. David Molina

Skycondos Lima Peru

Vertical condominium competition in Lima Peru, with very interesting areas to be developed such as parking for 90 cars, Starbooks-type cafeteria area, the 10 luxury apartments with an area of 500 m2 developed on 2 levels, a pool in each apartment and a roof garden in the last level developing a panoramic pool with views of the golf club and the sea includes gym, bathrooms and dressing rooms for condominiums.

Skycondos Lima Perú
Jose Vasconcelos Library


Project developed for the contest of the library of the city of Mexico José Vasconcelos

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