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FR Prieto-Gaeta (Francisco Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta; Mexico City 04/02/1957) is a Mexican architect with more than thirty years of experience, creator of the system_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_E.OR (recursive-organic-structure). EOR was generated for the optimization and modeling of resources (economic, functional, aesthetic y of sensations) applied in the elaboration of designs and remodelingresidentialin addition tobuildingscommercial, contests of all kinds andteaching, highly optimized, for the enjoyment of all yourusers.


Throughout his career he has contributed to:


  • the creation of more than 300 architectural projects

  • the construction of more than 190 residencias y buildings.

  • design contests of different genres

  • teaching in several universities


1979 Design Catholic Chapel in Xochimilco DF  first place

1985 Design of a self-sufficient housing complex in Tlalpan DF: organized by FOVISSTE, Tlalpan Delegation and College of Architects. third place

1986 Design Commemorative Sculpture 30 years University of the Valley of Mexico, Plantel Tlalpan. primer lugar. 

2003 Cafeteria Design of the University of the Valley of Mexico. first place in participation with students of career 7.cc5-semester 0c51 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Architecture.

2003 Design José Vasconcelos Library (participation).

2004 Ice Rink Design, competition between 11 Universities, first place in participation with 6th grade students. semester of the career of Architect University of the Valley of Mexico.

2012 Design Sky Condos Lima  Perú (participation)

2013 Design Arcology Skycraper Hong Kong (participation)



33 years teaching architecture theory, projects and history of architecture in Mexico.

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Committed to serving the customer with quality to meet the demands of innovation, image and quality through high competitive standards worldwide.




Design and build high quality and functional homes anywhere in the world, at the best prices.


Operating Philosophy


Adaptation, vision, honesty and efficient service.

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With more than 30 years of experience, dedicated to the design and construction of offices, buildings, schools, hotels, restaurants and residences. stretching from housessingle family to multiple apartments, regardless of the number of residences involved in each project. I design innovative spaces, our office being a design and innovation laboratory, Espacio de pintura 


The triumph of Arq. Rodolfo Prieto Gaeta consists, mainly, in knowing how to successfully adapt state-of-the-art technology to the individual and specific needs of each client.


Within my design group we have, to date, an experienced work team that is constantly nourished by the best avant-garde updates (unique in Mexico) and that, in addition, guarantee architectural / technological development in any part of the world. world, thanks to the software with which we bring the client closer to the best phenomenal appreciation of its construction.


To my construction team: masons, plumbers, tilers, blacksmiths, etc. We provide them with unparalleled technical training that sets them apart from any competition.

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